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Girls and Queers
to the Front!

GIRLS AND QUEERS TO THE FRONT is a feminist-queer initiative based in Warsaw, Poland, founded by Aleksandra Kamińska and Agata Barbara Wnuk. Since 2015, Girls and Queers to the Front has been creating space for women and queer artists, writers, and musicians, by conducting zine workshops, organizing concerts, DJ sets, performances, panel discussions, and – together with Magdalena Rzepecka – publishing zines. In 2021, Girls and Queers to the Front grew into an independent queer small press, with Maria Halber as an editor.


Over 50 artists who performed at the events include musicians SIKSA (PL), Rosa Vertov (PL), SVET (UA), Pascale Project (CA), Eslabrava (AR), stud1nt (USA), performers Ciasno (Alicja Czyczel, Agnieszka Kocińska) (PL), the Yonis (UK), and Filipka Rutkowska (PL), and writers Kasia Szaulińska (PL), Maria Halber (PL). Events are designed to build community and support exchanging artistic and activist practices. 

oasis_of_hate (2).png

Image: Oasis of Hate for Girls and Queers to the Front

We published 15 zines in two series: Girls* to the Front zines and Queer Erotica zines. Since 2019, our zines have been functioning as art/literary magazines, available in both Polish and English, with each issue created by 40-60 international artists and authors. Zine contributors include Małgorzata Mycek, Sylwia Chutnik, Łaja Szkło, Alin Szewczyk, Katarzyna Olma, Maria Beburia, Ania Krztoń, Shaheen Qureshi, Natalka Suszczyńska, Kinga Skwira, Sebulec, Monika Zaleska, Eliza Rose, Paulina Woźniczka, Katarzyna Szenajch.


As a small press, so far we have published five books: …and She-Devil bangs with a bass, punk libretto by SIKSA illustrated by Łukasz Przytarski (bilingual: PL & EN), Marzenie o byciu poziomką, short story collection by Ania Ziębińska and illustrated by Apollin Sigrist, Udawanie ludzi, poetry book by Maja Demska illustrated by Filipka Rutkowska, Próba wyjścia z brzucha / Próba wejścia do brzucha, poetry book by Ada Rączka with Zofka Kofta, and ACABADŁO, poetry book by Łaja Szkło illustrated by Alin Szewczyk. 

Our main goal is to build a queer-feminist community where girls, women, and queer people can feel supported and inspired. 

Are you interested in booking us for a zine workshop, DJ set, curatorial work, or a talk/discussion? Contact Girls and Queers to the Front at girlstothefront . poland at gmail . com . Visit our website (update coming soon!) or Instagram.


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